10 Simple Valentines Treat ideas #Recipe

10 Simple Valentines Treat ideas #Recipe

I can’t believe that Valentines day is just around the corner. Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas? I love to spoil my family with a few special treats that are simple and won’t break the bank. This year I decided to hit Pinterest to get some ideas and I found soooo many treats that will take no time at all to make that I just had to share some of my favorites with you.

1. We are all busy and don’t have lots of time to be in the kitchen, how about a few different NO BAKE Valentine treats to spoil your little ones? I love the Whoopi Pies that are made out of Oreo Casters, super simple and look like a million bucks, or at least like you slaved all day.

2. Another favorite of mine that is simple and can even go into the lunchboxes are Chocolate dipped Pretzels; they will be so simple, grab a few sprinkles at the store, pretzels and chocolate and have some fun.

3. I love to dish up a special Valentine Breakfast and the Sweet Berry Bruschetta will be on my menu this year. They are delicious and easy to make; would even work well for a Sunday Brunch; check them out.

4. Surprise your kids with a movie night and special Valentine Popcorn; this is too cute and so simple to make; I bet they will be begging for more.

5. As a special dessert this year I will be dishing up some no bake Cake Pops; Valentine themed of course. I can’t believe how simple they are, you just have to check them out.

6. What would be a special day be without a special drink? Yup, I found a super delicious Strawberry Float that would go well with your Valentine Breakfast, lunch or even dinner. I may have to run a test run on that one; YUMMM..

7. Surprise your kids class with a special treat; valentine Marshmallow Pops; they are too cute and will make you Mom of the Year that’s for sure… Grab a few extra I’m sure hubby will love them as well.

8. If it’s still chilly out, be sure to dish up a cup of Hot Strawberry Chocolate Milk to go with your Chocolate Dipped Pretzels or the No Bake cookies; it will be a special treat.

9. The Caramel No Bake Mud Pies are my favorite and will be a dessert on our dinner table, that’s for sure. I can not wait to make these, you may need to make a few extras, I bet they will be gone in no time.

10. Last but not least, the Strawberry 2 ingredient fudge will be a hit in every lunchbox this Valentines day; grab your Strawberry Frosting and White Chocolate and create your own Fudge in now time… YUMM

Boy, I’m hungry now, how about you? I can’t wait to give all these a test run, I just have to… Mom’s don’t just dish up something they have never tried.. Well.. yeah.. or in my case… I want it all for myself…hahah…

Happy Valentines Day… what are you dishing up??


  1. says

    I would be dishing up the caramel mud pies. Those are something I could eat all day. Feel free to make a batch and send them to me for Valentine’s Day, Mel. :)

  2. says

    Wait can I tell you I am so happy that I found this post. I don’t have time for baking either & your suggestions are right on time. I like the chocolate dipped pretzels ….I think that is what I will make as gifts for those I will give gifts to.

  3. Amy Orvin says

    I love love love all of these awesome Valentine’s ideas. I really want to make the valentine Marshmallow Pops! All of the colors are so pretty!

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