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Baby Genius has always been a great company for infant, baby or toddler learning games, DVD’s and Music CD’s. Our home has many of the Baby Genius products and still use them on a regular basis. Baby Genius has a huge DVD/ Cd combo collection that is just wonderful. I love the fact that they are also bilingual for Spanish/ English. It is so important to expose your little one as early as possible to a second or even a third language and Music / movies are one of the best opportunities that we can offer if you aren’t a fluent speaker of another language. The only thing I wish, that there are more different language options available, being a bilingual German family ourselves we would like to have some German English products. However that doesn’t make us think any different about Baby Genius, since no other company offers German in their program either. That being said, we love any of the Baby Genius movies. Recently we were asked to review two of the movies that we didn’t own yet. We decided to take a closer look at Baby Genius Favorite Counting Songs and Underwater Adventures.

Let me tell you a little about each CD/DVD combo so you can see why we love them and you can decide for yourself if this would make a great edition to your DVD/ CD library for your little one. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as we do, over and over again.

Underwater Adventures:

Underwater Adventures features colorful images and undersea life swimming with excitement. DJ, Vinko and pals take children on an entertaining underwater experience they’ll enjoy over and over again. Tots will thoroughly delight in dolphins, sea lions, manta rays, and more as these ocean creatures move to enchanting classical music.

DVD Run time: 32 minutes
Bonus CD Run Time: 66 minutes
Includes both English and Spanish languages
Special DVD Features: Magical Musical Helper, Come Swim with Me Sing-A-Long, and Bonus Song

How did we like this Underwater Adventures DVD/CD combo? My toddler loves anything with music and living in Florida, water and Fish are just a natural; she had a blast watching the DVD all she kept talking about was going to SeaWorld she wants to see the Seals and the dolphins, this is almost like a trip to SeaWorld but you get to sit in your living room and enjoy the private show while the classical music is playing along. I like that your child can concentrate on the fish and watch the different types and not be disturbed with too many people talking, moving and so on. The toddler can really concentrate on the "show". The Baby Genius Underwater Adventures DVD is really a great alternative for your little one to watch, if they have to watch TV. I know a lot of people aren’t sure if your little one even should spend time in front of the TV, this DVD would be a great DVD to put on and let run while junior is playing and still wants TV time. The songs on the CD are just the classical songs that you hear on the DVD while you swim through the wonderful underwater world. I like to put the music CD in for my toddler while she takes naps or gets ready for bed in the evening to wined down and fall asleep faster. Wonderful addition to your CD/DVD collection. The Underwater Adventures CD/DVD combo is suggested for little ones from newborn to age 36 month, but my toddler still enjoys watching the fish swim around and follow the dolphins through their natural habitat.

Favorite Counting Songs:

It’s pure fun in motion when children visit a karate class and rowing club, step in tune to the marching band, practice cheerleading moves and much, much more. Kids will enjoy stunning visuals and delightful children’s songs that introduce little ones to the world of numbers. Each song focuses on a number from one to ten in this fun, magical and musical adventure.

How did we like this Favorite Counting Songs CD/ DVD combo? When I was asked to review this CD/DVD combo, I was excited and told a friend/ Babysitter, about this Baby Genius Favorite Counting Songs and her response was "Oh I know your toddler loves this one, she wants me to play it every day for her". I was a bit surprised, since my toddler hasn’t told me anything about that, but then she is a toddler.. lol.. So the conversation between me and the babysitter was more about how much her kids enjoy this product and how much they  like the Counting songs on both the DVD and the Music CD that is included; she told me that she has the music CD in the car and she even had to buy a second one for her other car to keep the little munchkins happy and the DVD is always running in her DVD player. Once I heard that I was excited to sit down with my toddler and see her reaction.

We had some free time the other day and I called my Toddler over after I turned the DVD on and her excitement was beyond my expectation… She was soo excited and kept jumping up and down telling me "Mom, XXX has this DVD at her house and I watch it, this is fun mom, I want to watch it again". She had a ball, she jumped up and down and because she has seen the show a few times now she knows the words by heart and knows what move to make at every note. Not only did this teach her how to count her numbers, but it is also a fun activity for any toddler on those rainy or snow days when you can’t go outside… Now I also know who Rosi is, my Toddler has been talking about a Rosi for weeks… well.. she is one character in this DVD.. too funny…

I also have another story to tell about this wonderful DVD. I had a meeting the other day and was asked to bring some movie DVD’s for the kiddy group, so I grabbed this DVD along with 3 other Disney movie. Once I was ready to go home and collected my DVD’s I asked the Sitter, "What DVD did you all decide on"… she of course didn’t know I was reviewing this Baby Genius DVD, said "Oh we all decided on the Baby Genius Favorite Counting Songs… the kids had so much fun and we must have watched it 2 or 3 times back to back, the little ones never got tired of the show."… I just smiled and told her how glad I was I brought this DVD along, while thinking, this is something I need to let my readers know. I was excited that someone else loved this DVD, not knowing that this was for review. You should check this DVD out yourself, and I bet you will watch it over and over and probly sing the counting songs in your sleep before you know it….

You can purchase any of the Baby Genius DVD/ CD combos through or any other retailer as well as at the Baby Genius Website and they retail for $9.99 each DVD/CD combo; you can also follow Baby Genius on Facebook and Twitter, to stay up to date with all the cool new products and information they may release.

Baby Genius was very generous and offered one of my reader the same two DVD/CD combos that we reviewed above. Thank you Baby Genius.

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  1. Jane H says

    There is a newborn in our family who could really use a headstart in life. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.


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