Fun Saturday: Finger print Craft…


I love to create finger print crafts with my little ones. They are so quick, easy and yet the little ones get a kick out of seeing their finger create a bug, or a caterpillar, the possibilities are endless. I love them because I can add them to my scrapbook and see how much my […]

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Fun Saturday: Easter Craft with yogurt cups


We love to recycle products that we have in the house and my toddler is totally obsessed with those Danino Yogurts. They are the perfect size to make some crafts for your Easter table. Make sure you clean them out and let them dry and then craft away. Simple enough for your toddler to help […]

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Fun Saturday: grow your own Easter Basket


When I was oh…. About 4 years old I was in daycare, and believe it or not one of the best memories I have, and yes I can remember all the way back to that is when we first created our Easter baskets and then waited for them to grow and on Easter Sunday our […]

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Crayola Colored Bubbles


Have you seen the new Crayola Colored Bubbles?? These are super cool… now with Easter around the corner or even a wedding this Spring; these are amazing and sooo cool. The best part, they are washable, leaving no marks behind. My toddler is in love with them and we have to spend hours playing with […]

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Game Review: Gather ‘Round Dinner Game


We all know, dinner time is the most important time and probly the only time during the day where you can get your entire family on a table and spend time, have fun and interact. In the Crazy Mom’s house, dinner is a must as a family !!! I will not allow anyone skip dinner, […]

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Fun Saturday: Make Easter Egg Table Decorations


We love to decorate our Easter Breakfast table and Eggs are a must have on our table. I think that’s a German thing, I haven’t found any American that east eggs that are not hard boiled, and still runny for breakfast out of the egg shell. I love my 3 minute eggs add a little […]

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Bring Family Game Night back….


5 Reasons to Have a Family Game Night Decades ago, families often spent more quality time together. There were significantly fewer distracting options than there are today, where we now cope with 300 channels on the television, personal computers, and sophisticated video games. Today, family time often takes a back seat to all the other […]

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