Scrapbook Tips

I love to add embellishments and stickers and cutouts to all my scrapbook pages, even silk flowers; some of these things aren’t always easy to glue down. If you use the wet glue you run the risk that you have too much glue and the page will get all wavy; if you use a tape […]


I love to use my Adobe Premiere Elements 9 when creating my scrapbooks, I don’t necessary use it for my actual layouts, but I love to create my pictures, change color, add color, remove things, touch up the pictures and my favorite thing is to add fancy writing to my pictures. Did you know …


A few weeks ago I told you about this wonderful company that I came across called Kiwi Lane Design. I finally had some time to play with their samples and they are amazing. Being a busy mom it’s tough enough to find the time to scrapbook, yet… you wanna be the best more you can […]


I just love to scrapbook; I really like to create my own pages. Some people like to look through magazines or websites to get an inspiration, some people use sketch books…I like to come up with layouts all on my own. But since the toddler is in our life, things have been rather busy and […]


This week has been really busy and I barely had time to even blink. So I decided to show off some of the scrapbook pages that I created to maybe get you some ideas. If you have any questions, just leave a comment or message me and I’m more than happy to help you. I’m […]


I love to show you easy and inexpensive ways to create scrapbooks. Have you heard about Brown Paper-bag albums? You can buy those Brown-paper lunch-bags anywhere and they are only a buck or two like 50 of them…. I create them all the time, especially as gifts for family and friends to give to. They are simple and very cute and will hold […]


Scrapbook Friday – Simple Organization

February 11, 2011

We all know how expensive Scrapbooking can be; you need paper, tools and all kind of other stuff. Once you have all that, then what?? Where do you store it and how do you keep track of what you have so you won’t buy it again??? I love to scrapbook and I try to find […]

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Scrapbook Friday – Distress your papers

February 4, 2011

You know I love to scrapbook and money and time sometimes can be tight; however I still like to create fancy looking layouts, that make people think.. wow she spend hours to create those. Did you know that with a little distress technique you can create just that ? My mother in law created this […]

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Scrapbook Friday – Simple paper tearing technique

January 28, 2011

Have you ever seen scrapbook pages that look like old torn paper? They are soo cool and unique looking. But do you know that this is actually a very simple technique? I love to tear my paper and then use it on my scrapbook pages, it gives it a totally different dimension and look, every […]

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Scrapbook Friday : Shadowing Technique

January 21, 2011

Shadowing is one of my favorite things to do on any of my layouts, it will give it a different dimension every time you do it, no matter what color you use to ink the edge it always looks fancy. My favorite is and always has been edging with brown ink; it always makes the […]

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