Create a #Simple Waffle Breakfast in no time #Yummy


My kids love when I make a special Breakfast on Sunday’s. Usually that’s the only day of the week where we have a nice sit-down breakfast and I make special treats. I wanted something quick, but different and decided to make Waffles. I had no time to whip up a batch of waffle batter, I […]

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Simple Pumpkin Vanilla Pudding Cake


I have been in the baking mood ever since I discovered the Cool Whip Frosting last week; remember my German Red Wine Cupcakes? Yumm. Well, we still had plenty of Cool Whip Frosting left over and sure didn’t want it to go to waste. I came up with a super delicious fall recipe that is […]

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Paula Deen Crazy Monkey Bread Casserole


We went to a family Christmas party and someone made the Paula Deen Crazy Monkey Bread Casserole; it was soo yummy and looked so easy that I decided to make it for the kids for breakfast today; this is also something that can be done the night before, put in the fridge and then put […]

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Crockpot Thursday: Sweet & Sour Pork


I have been craving Sauerbraten for some time now. If you have no idea what Sauerbraten is, here is a recipe, it’s a German beef dish and it’s soo sooo yummy. Everyone that has been to Germany brags about Sauerbraten. The downside of the Original Sauerbraten, it takes a long time to prepare, you have […]

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Yogurt Dessert ala German Dessert

In Germany, we are BIG dessert eaters, even a lot of our dinners consist  of some kind of sweet dish; I found this recipe a few weeks back on one of my German Recipe Forums and just had to share it. Yet, I don’t think this would work as a dinner here in the US, […]

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