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It’s that time of the year, kids are out of school and you are heading to the pool, the beach or even just the park. What kind of water bottle are you taking with you?

I have one brand of water that I drink and if I don’t have that particular water I will not drink any water at all. But water bottles aren’t cheap, you spend easy $5 a case of water. Sometimes I’m just too cheap to pay $5 for a case of water that my family drinks in a day or two.

With two kids in sports and a toddler who drinks all day, even water isn’t cheap for us. So I did a little Google search the other day and came across a wonderful company called “Cool Gear Inc.”.

Have you heard of Cool Gear yet? Below are some of the cool products they offer.


The cool thing about this company is, they have so many useful products. From kids products to lunch products just about anything for anyone. I was impressed with their pure water filtration bottles. I had never seen anything like it and knew it is worth a shot; the bottle comes in different sizes from 14oz to 64oz and prize ranges from $9.99 to $19..99.


Each bottle has two unique and very cool features; it has a freezer stick inside the bottle that you can just take to the freezer and freeze, the gel inside will stay cold to get you cold water throughout the day and the bottom of the freezer stick is a filter, you can remove the filter when you freeze the freezer stick and attach it very easily.

The filter will filter up to 150 gallon(!!) of water, now my calculations would give you 800 bottles of fresh purified water ( on the 24 oz bottle) out of one single filter. If you would have bought 800 bottles of store bought water that would have cost $165 ( 800 bottles /24 ( per case) = 33 cases of water * $5 a case = $165 give or take a few $$). Wow, $165 just for bottle water.

I’m already impressed with the filtered water bottle, just for the cost factor of it. You can purchase the bottle water 24 oz for $11.99 and it already comes with one filter, so right then and there with the very first bottle you are saving $150(!!) by not purchasing the big heavy case loads of water every day/week/month. That is amazing and a nice little side factor you are not wasting anymore plastic either.


The Pure water filtration bottle is re-usable and can be cleaned if needed. Okay now I’m sure everyone wants to know, does it work?

I have to admit, when I first got the bottle I looked and tried to figure out, how in the world is the water going through the filter and to my mouth.. I spend a good 10 minutes looking till I realized… duuh the filter and the freezer stick are a straw… sooo  soooo cool. I did the few minutes of prep for the filter, per the instructions inside the bottle and ready set go…

Our water here in central Florida is county water, we have a very high Chlorine content and the water smells; I will not and can not drink the water directly from the sink. I always buy water bottles for the taste. So we added the water to the bottle and I also added some water to a regular cup and handed both to my hubby…


Hubby made the test; the regular cup he drank and looked at me “Yuk, that water is nasty”… I didn’t say anything and gave him the filtered bottle, he looked and said “You better not have any of the tap water in there”. I just grinned and said, “drink it”.

One sip later he looked up and said “that’s pretty good, did you buy water?” I smiled and told him NOPE, that’s the same tap water… he couldn’t believe it. I did the same test with the boys and they had the same reaction.


I had this bottle for a good week now and took it to the office every single day, I would not touch the office tap water before either, but you can ask my co-workers with this bottle I drank 3-4 bottles of water just at work alone per day !!! I love it, the taste is fresh and clean just like the store bought bottles. I don’t have a bad after taste at all.

My toddler loves to use the bottle and the tween and teen fight over who gets to take it to school and to the soccer field. We actually went out and bought a second bottle a few days ago and we have 3 more bottles on our list to get, so everyone will have one in the family. We really love them. They are so worth it and will save you a TON of money. Best part you can re-fill your water anywhere you go; remember those yucky water fountains that have cold water yet smell… yup, the filter will make the water drinkable, so this would be great for any sport fan while at the fields.

We are completely hooked on those bottles and can not get enough of them. I love the 24 oz size, it’s handy enough to carry around yet big enough to hold enough water for a workout.


We also got a Stay Fit lunch 2 Go box, which is pretty cool. It has a build in utensils tray on top and underneath it has a gel compartment that you can stick in the freezer and keep your food cold. The Stay fit Lunch 2 go also has 3 compartments that will keep your lunch nice and fresh and separated. The toddler really enjoyed this as her lunchbox; the only drawback it is not dishwasher safe; but other then that it is wonderful. This would be great for school lunches or for you to take to the office; just the perfect size. I really like d this product, super cool that you can keep your food cold without a fridge and it’s easy to clean; I also love that I can store my utensils in the top.

You can check out the Cool Gear products on or through Wonderful products we highly recommend you checking them out. I’m still hooked on that water bottle and could talk another hour about it.

Cool Gear graciously offered one 32oz bottle for giveaway, THANK YOU.


One Lucky 2Boys+1Girl=OneCrazyMom Reader will win this EZ Freeze Pure with freezer and water filter, 32-Ounce

Go to Cool Gear and tell us what “cool” product you like to try


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