Eitech Electro Review & Giveaway

If you have a Tween or a Teen in the house, you probly are long over the “kids” stage and toys, well.. let’s just say.. Toys are probly not on either the Tween or teens wish list. Let’s see if we can change that. A few month ago I introduced you to a wonderful German company that is trying to set foot in the US called Eitech. Eitech has been around in Germany for many many many years. I grew up with the brand Eitech and just love any and all of their products. Eitech is a hands on company from building brick model homes with Teifoc to building your own metal car with the Eitech Constructions sets and now their newest edition Eitech Electro.
I was super excited when Eitech contacted me to see if I would like to give their brand new Electro a try and see how it would hold up to a Teen. Knowing the company and their background I knew this had to be a cool kit. When we opened the box, this is what was inside the kit that we received.
  • 42 parts like electro motor, electric wire, colored light bulb and more..
  • Illustrated instructions
  • 2 storage boxes
My Tween and my Teen both were super excited; as most boys they like to experiment with technology, and electricity is always a cool thing for kids. With this kit you and your Tween or Teen can experiment how lights work, how fans work and so many other cool things. The best part, no tools needed, however you do need to supply 2 AA batteries ( not included in the kit). It’s very simple plug and play technique, you snap and create. This set will help your little one explore the mystery of electricity.
The instructions are fairly simple, they are written in German J however English is written underneath. That’s the only difficult part a friend of mine said ,the instructions, not that they are difficult, but you are just not used to the German language and then seeing English underneath, usually English is the main language. So you have to adjust your thinking a bit and if you are anything like me… look at the pictures closely; I’m not one to follow “written” directions too well, I like to create and come up with things on my own, so directions for me are just a small help if I get stuck… and that’s how this system is, you can create soo many different stations like Traffic Light, Radar Station, Communication system between 2 people ( even comes with the Morse code…too cool) and many more and I’m sure you can come up with many different creations all on your own.
This system is wonderful for teaching your 8+ up how electricity works, how fans work and so many other experiments. My teen spend hours creating and adjusting, he was determined to come up with every single creation that can be done with this set… well after trying for an hour and moving things and making things light up and blow in different ways he gave up.. he said the possibilities are endless.
This is a great set for any child, but homeschool would benefit greatly from the technology behind this Eitech Electro set and my son’s Middle school already asked me to send the set in for a review, they were excited to hear about Eitech Electro. This system is brand new just hitting the US market but I know it will be a HUGE hit with mom’s and dad’s as well as schools. We had a blast creating and exploring the Electro set. One of my favorite feature with this set was the 2 Storage boxes that are included in this particular set that we tested, I love to be organized and this will make it so simple to toss the box and just keep the storage bins. They are small enough to store on a shelve yet big enough to hold all your Eitech Electro pieces.
Check out a demonstration of the Eitech Electro below, keep in mind I’m not too good with videos, but I hope it gets the coolness of this product across and showing you how simple this is and how much fun it can be to play and create with Eitech Electro.
You can purchase your own set through Amazon.com or check out my giveaway below.

Eitech graciously offered one 2Boys+1Girl=OneCrazyMom Reader this brand new Electro Set below, this set retails for $ 45.00 and can also be purchased through Amazon.com. For more information check out Eitech America on the web, their Blog, Facebook page or @eitechToys.
For another wonderful review on this Eitech Gear Set, go visit Surviving a Teacher Salary

Eitech also is participating, this year for the first time, at the NSSEA Ed Expo in San Antonio April 7-9, they will be showcasing the new Electro Building set as well as all their other science kits, they are very exciting! If you happen to be at the show, stop by their booth and tell them The Crazy German Mom with the 2 Boys and the little girl send ya J and check all their stuff out in person… I bet they would love it J Okay on to the Giveaway… here are the Rules

This is what you can win Eitech Gear Set
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  1. Justine says

    I checked out Eitech America and I think their Solar Powered Airplane and Helicopter Construction Set looks fun, my son would really love it!