Elf Magic Countdown to Christmas Day 16 #Elfcapades

Elf Magic Countdown to Christmas Day 16 #Elfcapades

Awww… our #elf Becky sure had an eventful night; she took the Minecraft game from the kids room along with their favorite snacks and spend all night playing; the princess wasn’t very happy when she saw that Becky messed up her city in Mindcraft… OOPS; guess Becky thought she was helping out. She did leave a note behind apologizing that she took all the snacks and the games and all Rudolph wanted to do was play in the Reindeer games.. but he somehow missed them Sad smile … this silly Elf sure keeps getting into trouble.. we may have to report her to Santa and see what he has to say, what do you think??

Do you have an Elf visit this year, too?? Would love to hear what your Elf has been up to….Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, you never know what this 427  428 year “young” Elf & her companion Rudolph will get into…. Will they find a different hiding spot or maybe enjoy some family time.. no one knows…. You can check out all the Adventures  Elfcapades HERE in case you have missed some of them or on our Pinterest board 

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