Elf Magic Countdown to Christmas Day 9 #Elfcapades

Elf Magic Countdown to Christmas Day 9 #Elfcapades

Oh my!!! This is how we found Becky this morning; she took all the Christmas ornaments out of my Lantern and placed them into her bed and put herself into the lantern. It sure took us a while to find her; silly #Elf, not sure how comfy she was in there all night.

P.s. Just a little reminder, we have 14 (!!!!) days to Christmas; are you ready yet??

Do you have an Elf visit this year, too?? Would love to hear what your Elf has been up to….Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, you never know what this 427  428 year “young” Elf & her companion Rudolph will get into…. Will they find a different hiding spot or maybe enjoy some family time.. no one knows…. You can check out all the Adventures  Elfcapades HERE in case you have missed some of them or on our Pinterest board 


  1. Julie Wood says

    So cute to find Becky the Elf in the Lantern today! Maybe she wants you to see her when you turn on the light. So cute!

  2. Laura J says

    Oh so cute! We are doing this too for the first time this year with Carter! Oh he is having so much fun! Last night he toilet papered our Christmas tree! Oh so funny!

  3. Daisy says

    Only 14 days left? I have to wrap my son’s presents, but we are pretty much ready. I can’t wait because he asks every day when Santa is going to come.

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