Follow our Elfcapades with #ElfMagic and our Elf Becky ~ She’s Back!!!

Follow our Elfcapades with #ElfMagic and our Elf Becky ~ She’s Back

Our Elf Becky is back!! My Princess couldn’t be any happier and was quiet surprised when she woke up Sunday Morning and found Elf Becky had brought a North Pole Breakfast and a few extra goodies along with a new partner in crime “Rudolph”.

Starting today, our Elfcapades will be posted on the blog every day to show you what our Elf and now Rudolph are up to each night, or during the day, you never know what these two may get into.

Follow our Elfcapades with #ElfMagic and our Elf Becky ~ She’s Back

Our North Pole Breakfast was a hit; I tried to keep it simple and this was a perfect Breakfast for our family. We served Snowballs a/k/a Donut holes from Dunkin Donut and I have been in love with Milk jugs and thought it would be a fun treat to have them to drink our North pole chocolate in. These Milk Jugs are super cute and you will see them a lot on the blog soon, I grabbed mine from an Etsy store… BUT… if you love the Starbucks Frappuccino that comes in glass jars and is available at any retailer near you, yup.. they are the same and probably a lot cheaper.. so take my tip and buy the Frappuccino instead and keep the bottles (yeah.. I didn’t think about that when I sooo desperately fell in love with the Milk Jug bottles…lol).

Follow our Elfcapades with #ElfMagic and our Elf Becky ~ She’s Back

Each year Santa sends a letter with his Elf Becky telling us how Elf Becky has been doing, the things Santa sees that our Princess needs to work on in time for the big day and also things he likes and of course instructions on how to contact him in case the Elf’s get too mischievous along with ways to keep the elf’s happy and healthy. I love to create a letter each year and my princess sure got BIG eyes and got really quiet when she heard the part “Eat your dinner, Santa wants all the little boys and girls to be healthy while the Elves are there for a visit”…. yeah that was funny… so play it, you can write whatever you like and it will be a great memory for your kids.

Follow our Elfcapades with #ElfMagic and our Elf Becky ~ She’s Back

Another thing that I did this year, I found a free Photo Book code online over the summer and took all the Elfcapades that our Elf Becky did last year and turned it into a memory book. She brought it for our North Pole Breakfast and my Princess loved it!! She had forgotten some of the silly and funny things Elf Becky did last year and that was a great way to show her and keep the memories going. I plan on doing this each year and down the road I hope she can share it with her kids and keep the Christmas spirit alive.

Follow our Elfcapades with #ElfMagic and our Elf Becky ~ She’s Back

Another thing out Elf Becky brought this year was my home made Advent Calendar; I make different ones each year for the kids and this year the 1st of December, the 1st Advent and the first day of Becky’s return all fell on the same day, so it was a lot of fun to celebrate it all at once. I will share how I made the Calendar later on in the week. It sure was a big hit with my Princess and each of the kids love to get a different calendar each year. Even the Teens ask me for it every year and get mad if they don’t get one.

There you have it, our North Pole Breakfast, courtesy of Elf Becky (or… Mom and Dad…LOL). Let the fun begin and don’t forget to check the Blog every day to see what Becky has been up to, it’s a fun way to count down to Christmas. You can also follow my Pinterest Board for Elf Becky Elfcapades 2013 or if you like to see what Elf Becky was up to last year, be sure to check out my Posts about Becky or our Pinterest board for Elfcapades 2012. It sure is a hoot and the kids love it, I have to admit, I love it, too.

P.s. our Elf is an Elf Magic Elf and they encourage the kids to interact with their elf on a daily basis, they can be played with, touched and cuddled; so go ahead and check out this amazing company that was the first Elf even long before the others all appeared…..Smile 

Do you have an elf visit this year? Would love to hear your Traditions.

Remember the Reason for the season!!!!

I was not compensated for this post nor was I given a Product for review.. this is MY time and this is what I love to do and love to share it with ALL my readers as well as Family and Friends….


  1. Julie Wood says

    I think that this is so cute! I like the decorated Christmas tree and the Elfcapades. I will have to look into it and see what it is all about! I like this time of the year with all the trees and houses decorated.

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