Fun Saturday: Easter Craft with yogurt cups

We love to recycle products that we have in the house and my toddler is totally obsessed with those Danino Yogurts. They are the perfect size to make some crafts for your Easter table. Make sure you clean them out and let them dry and then craft away. Simple enough for your toddler to help you or probly even do it all on her own…

In the first two pictures all you need is some feathers, some googly eyes and red craft foam and of course a yellow or orange Danino yogurt cup; attach everything with craft glue and wait for it to dry… Then put it on the window or your table for Easter Decoration…. Isn’t it cure??? And who would have thought those little cups would come in so handy J

Check this second craft out.. it’s an egg holder….

Cut a piece of felt or paper for your egg, add feathers and some bugs 9 we used lady bugs) and decorate your egg anyway you like… voila.. too cute.. this is soo simple you can do that with your toddler in no time.. my Toddler had a ball.. she loves to color so this was great…..



  1. Tara Berke Torres says

    Cute stuff! My 6-yr-old. daughter just made about a dozen ladybugs out of plaster of paris that look just like those and we don’t know what to do with them…

  2. Sandy VanHoey says

    wish I would have known about this during the past school year when my grandson was in Pre-K..they are so cute but this year is kindergarten and I think they’d like this.

  3. Eustacia Miliusis says

    I love the chick/duckling idea very cute… my boys eat a lot of yogurt so I will be sure to save the cups to makes these and also the egg holders.

  4. Sandy VanHoey says

    What a cute idea with those yogurt cups. I have to do that since we get so many of them.My daughter probably has most of the supplies too…yay! Fun for today or tomorrow for my grandson.


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