German Hazelnut Cookies #Recipe

German Hazelnut cookies super easy to make

Thanksgiving is behind us, now it’s time to start baking Christmas Cookies. I love to keep some recipes on hand from home, in Germany. I love the simple ones, the ones with nuts and the unusual ones; to spoil my family a bit with special treats as well as a walk down memory lane for me.

The Christmas Season is a very special one in Germany and I try to keep that alive in our very own home and take all of you along for the journey as well. Be sure to visit often, you never know what will happen during Advent; we have many, many traditions.

Hazelnut Cookies

This is what you need to make German Hazelnut cookies Gluten Free

You Need:
7 egg whites
1 cup sugar
2 cups ground Hazelnuts
(I used the Shelled Hazelnuts and used a Blender to grind them fine)

Use your blender to grinde Hazelnuts
This is how to make the Hazelnut Cookies:

  1. Preheat oven to 300F;
  2. Beat the egg whites till they are nice and stiff
  3. Add sugar and hazelnut, just use a spatula and fold under the egg whites
  4. Take a spoon and drop each cookie onto a greased cookie sheet
  5. in the oven they go for about 10-15 minutes; till the edge of the cookie is golden brown

ready to mix the German Hazelnut cookies

Let the cookies cool off; I added some whole Hazelnuts prior to baking on some, you can add them, but not a must. My kids couldn’t get enough of them and since they are so simple, we will make them many times over this Holiday season, I’m sure.

You can also substitute Hazelnuts and use, ground pecans, Almonds or Walnuts.

German Hazelnut cookies cooling off

Happy Baking ….


  1. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh these look really good and they would be gluten free for me! I have such a hard time finding cookies without flour! Oh I am going to have to try these this Christmas! Oh so excited! Thank you!!!

    • says

      YES!!! They are Gluten FREE.. so snack away.. you will LOVE them… and experiment with different Nuts if you like; would LOVE to hear the outcome and so excited for to read when my readers get excited :-)

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