Get in Style with EyeDoll Chatter makeup #StockingStuffer

Get in Style with EyeDoll Chatter makeup #StockingStuffer

Looking for a fun stocking stuffer for your princess, whether it be a Tween, teen or a 5 year old princess like mine, all girls love makeup and can’t wait to be like Mommy one day. My princess came home the other night from her first sleepover and she was covered in make up, she thought it was the coolest thing ever that her friend had make up.

I wasn’t too sure, she was 5 and make up on her preciouse soft baby skin wasn’t something I wanted to see. We all know what make up can do and especially the cheap dollar store make up that we all tend to buy for the kids to play with. I know, I’m guilty, I bought my Princess some the other day,too; however, that was before I found a great alternative that will keep mom happy and at ease and the kids in love with you because you allowed them to wear makeup.

Get in Style with EyeDoll Chatter makeup #StockingStuffer

I found the all-natural mineral makeup from EyeDoll Chatter and couldn’t wait to check it out; the tubes are the perfect size for your fashonista wanna be and would make a great stocking stuffer for your little Princess.

EyeDoll Chatter comes in Lip-gloss, EyeShadow and blush; let me break it down for you, they are all available separate for purchase or as a set.

Lip Gloss
The all-natural lip glosses are healthy and fun! Each kits include 3 flavored lip balms and 3 gorgeous gloss colors! Mix and match to create your personal look. Check out the new Mini’s…a collection of perfect flavors and colors!

scented eye shadow
The kits include 3 scented shadows and 3 vibrant colors. This is super-duper fun because you can create your own, unique scent-color combination! Check out our new line of Minis… our individual summer scents and colors.

scented face shimmers
The all-natural mineral based face shimmers and blushes are healthy and fun! The kits include 3 scented face shimmers and 3 blush colors. Mix and match to create your personal look. Check out our new Mini’s… a collection of perfect scents and colors for your gift giving this Holiday Season!

Get in Style with EyeDoll Chatter makeup #StockingStuffer

My princess loves the colors, the flavors and couldn’t be happier, I love that it is all natural and I don’t have to worry about her precious baby skin being slathered in all kind of harmful chemicals. It’s easy to wash off and perfect for every little girl and of course a super cool item for Tween’s or even Teens.

For more information, be sure to visit EyeDoll Chatter and you can also purchase your set or individual mini’s there; they range in price from $4 and up.

Get in Style with EyeDoll Chatter makeup #StockingStuffer

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  1. Julie Wood says

    These are really pretty colors of Eye makeup that any tween. They are great to give as a present to my niece for Christmas. She likes trying out different makeup colors. I will have to look at this brand.

  2. karen medlin says

    These are so much nicer on their skin. I was thinking of adding this to one of the gals gifts, along with a small make up case.. so it is not left on the bathroom counter top. I like that they add a touch of fun with the characters on top of the lip balm lids.

  3. Dawn Monroe says

    My granddaughter (5) is loving lip gloss right now but its hard to find natural glosses. These are cute, natural and girly. She will love it!

  4. Janet W. says

    This actually sounds like really great quality make up but for little girls! I think a lot of mothers would feel more comfortable with letting their little girls use this.

  5. Jenny says

    It’s so hard to find natural makeup products that are not going to cover our little ones in chemicals. This is the first one I’ve heard of and it looks great, the fact that you can buy them separately I love, so you can add them as little stocking fillers. My little girl will also adore the flavours and smells, she”ll probably chose her favorites based on flavor and color :-)

  6. Robin Wilson says

    My little niece is four years old and she thinks it is great fun to “play” in my lip glosses. I am so glad that they make this safe and fun for young girls to use. I don’t have a problem with her wanting to use it, but would prefer something like this company’s products!

  7. Jen S says

    My 5 year old loves her “lipstick” – a.k.a. chap stick. This would be a great stocking stuffer to expand on and give her option for a touch of color for special occasions. Dance recital may be a great excuse to pick up a few mini options for her to pick from on the big day. Then she doesn’t need to borrow from mom.

  8. joanna garcia says

    i have been dying to buy my daughter make up but could never find a kid friendly one that was all natural without any nasty stuff in it and you solved it for me! thanks so much this would be her stocking stuffer!

  9. Teresa Honores says

    i love the scented face shimmers and they are really great priced! i have been looking for an all natural makeup product for my girl!

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