Get ready for the big day with 10 delicious Super Bowl #recipe Ideas

Get ready for the big day with 10 delicious Super Bowl #recipe Ideas

Almost time for the big game and my husband is franticly trying to find the right TV, the perfect spot in the house and of course … surround sound. I’m on the other hand franticly scramble to find the perfect menu. There are sooo many amazing recipes out on the web and all over Pinterest and while I made my menu for this year, I thought it would be fun to share them with you as well. You may want to throw a fun, simple yet delicious party this year.

Get ready for the big day with 10 delicious Super Bowl #recipe Ideas

1. Loaded Baked Potato dip is one I can’t wait to try, I know I will love it.

2. Simple Buffalo Chicken Cups are always a hit in our home, give them a try.

3. No Super Bowl party should be without Nachos, give the Minute Microwave Crunchy Nachos a try.

4. Pizza Pull a-part are easy to make and super fun to dish up.

5. Poppy Seed and Ham & Cheese Sliders sound like the perfect finger food for any party, can’t wait to try them, how about you?

6. Every good party needs a Dip, give this Hot Cheesy Corn dip a try and you will have fans for life.

7. Can’t leave out the Sausage and Jalapeno Dippers, especially if you serve them with a beer cheese dipping sauce.

8. A little different, but one of my favorites is the Cranberry Maple baked brie, serve with French bread and you are the star of the party.

9. A party without your own pizza isn’t a party; fire up the grill and let your guests create their very own grilled Pizza.

10. Of course you need to serve a dessert, how about Frozen Footballs and see who will get the first Touchdown.

Now you know what we are dishing up, I can’t wait for the big day. All are simple, delicious and fairly cheap. Which one is your favorite and what do you always serve at your Super Bowl Party? Would love to hear you recipe ideas.


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