How to get kids to eat the good stuff? #horizonback2school


Being a mom of a Tween, Teen and a Toddler I have my challenges to feed three different age groups as well as taste buds. One eats meat, one eats only dairy and one eats only… well Chef Boyardee, lol.

However, I do try to give them all a balanced diet and I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will get everyone what they want and makes me smile, because I know they will also get what they need. A few tricks that usually work in this Crazy Mom’s house are:

  • Have the kids help you shop. If the kids pick their own foods they are more likely to eat them, even if they are healthy.
  • Dish up choices. Provided 2-3 different options to choose from like fruit, dairy and healthy snack and ask each to pick two. Kids feel they have a choice and they can eat what ‘THEY” want rather what “Mom” wants.
  • Make it fun. Garnish the food in a fun way, like making Shish Kabob out of grapes, apples and mini sandwiches or use cookie cutters to cut fruits & veggies into fun shapes.
  • Stock up on healthy snacks and leave the “unhealthy” snacks at the store. If you don’t bring junk food in the house, kids are more likely to grab fruit as a snack.
  • Who said you have to eat your Fruit & Veggies… create yummy smoothies and drink them instead. This will also provide for a lot of “sneaking” on mom’s part. Kids will love the sweet taste and mom’s will love adding a little something extra like maybe Spinach or Carrots….
  • Keep Fresh fruit on the Counter; or at least in eye sight. If you see the fruit sitting on the counter you have a constant reminder and kids may grab a Banana rather then opening a cupboard looking for chips.
  • Have a Salad Day. Once a week have the kids help with preparing a salad bar. Let them cut, dice and peel anything for a salad, even let the kids help decide what kind of veggies to add to the bar for the week. So much family fun and lots of Vitamins:0).
  • Cook at least two veggies with dinner each night, make a deal with your kids that they have to take at least one of the two veggies. Again, you will give them the option and you still get them to eat their veggies.
  • Be like the sneaky chef; puree carrots or squash and add it to your daily dishes. Spaghetti will be a great one, delicious or make brownies with some extra applesauce and no one knows you added some extra A’s and B’s… our little secret…lol
  • Cut down on the Sodas and add more Water or Juice. For Juice I like to take 1/2 juice and 1/2 water, especially in the summer it’s more refreshing if you have less sugar but also healthier. If you kids won’t drink water on it’s own, add a little bit of lemon to the water or lime, giving it a refreshing taste and a lot healthier than soda..try it, you will like it. I know I do :0).

So, what are your tips on how to get your munchkins to eat healthier; did you implement any new “healthy” rules or products that the kids love? I know Toddlers are always a challenge to feed; do you have a story how you managed to get your little one to eat the “good stuff”? We are always up for ideas and can’t wait  to hear yours.

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