Make your New Years Resolution with your Family in mind

Make your New Years Resolution with your Family in mind

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The New Year is just around the corner and most of us will make a New years resolution, like every year. Most of the time the resolution will include getting in shape and loosing weight, but have you ever thought about getting your family protected and preparing for the “in case” things?

I think this is the perfect time to go over a few things that you should be prepared for and with a New year this would make the perfect Family Resolution.

Are you prepared for …..

Long Term Care? You never know when it may be needed if at all; but the time Alzheimer strikes it will be too late to worry about Long Term Care. You also could run a few errands and get into a  horrible car accident and require long term care, so no matter the age, being prepared and have a long term care plan in place is the best thing you can do for your family, financially and for peace of mind.

Caregiving? What if… you need to care for your elder parents, work full time and take care of your family as well? You never know, but things can happen rather quickly and I know way too many friends that struggle with taking care of their parents on a daily basis and it isn’t easy. Do you want that burden on your kids? I surely don’t and will be prepared to have care taken care off before I ever need it, my kids shouldn’t have to spend 24/7 taking care of me, my house and everything else that I can’t do anymore. How about you? Would you like your kids to slave just to take care of you down the road? Let’s get prepared together. Us women always take care of others, but who will take care of us??

Life Insurance? Have you evaluated your Life Insurance coverage lately? Do you have enough to cover any expenses that are arising from an unexpected death of you or your spouse? Will the kids be protected, will the house be paid for, what about the cars? Will we have enough funds to send the kids to college with one of us gone are a lot of questions that run through my mind and what coverage I had that may have worked 5 years ago, surely isn’t working for my family now. So, take the time and evaluate your current situation and adjust your Life Insurance accordingly to keep that peace of mind in the “What if….” case.

Retirement? We are in our 30’s and retirement is far, far, far, down the road; non the less we have to think about it and prepare for a day 30+ years from now. Trust me, every Penney you can spare now will help you in the long run. I really don’t want to be working way into my 80’s, that’s just not in my plan and it’s always sad when I see an elderly lady at Walmart that barely can walk trying to make a living in greeting people or checking our bags, just because she needs the money. Prepare ahead, don’t be one that has to work till the last day of your life; enjoy life, spend time with your family and look forward to retirement. Now is the time to prepare and start saving towards your goal. Don’t overlook it and don’t ever touch the savings!! 30 years from now you will be thankful for that you saved and have; you never know you may save enough to take that anticipated vacation to Europe, have the extra funds to surprise your grandkids with a Disney trip; but without preparation none of that will ever happen. Look at your finances and income and set aside as much as  you can for your New Years resolution this year.

These are just a few of my New Years resolution tips on what you should look at in the new year; you may have plans already in place, it never hurts to evaluate them and make sure they fit your current situation. I found a great article over at Genworth to help you prepare your Life Insurance coverage, that seems to be the one that everyone should at least think about for now and get that set in their life; don’t delay, start preparing for your future today and start the new year off Happy and knowing your family is protected.

Are you ready for the New year??? Is your Family protected?? Would love to hear all about it…


  1. says

    I have made a resolution not to make any New Year’s Resolutions :)

    BUT safety and insurances are too important to leave just for a resolution. I have thought a lot about these things. Especially my parents both having retired and having a precarious health. We are looking into things and finding out how to make sure our future is taken care of.

    Happy New Year!

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