Make your own #DIY Window Valance in no time an No Sew

I have been remodeling my office the last few weeks and one challenge I had was the 12 foot wall of windows; they are small windows so covering them in lots of curtains would have been over powering, but leaving them open was just to plain, too. I had to come up with a simple, price effective yet cute/ elegant way to dress up these windows.

the finished office makeover with valance #DYI projects and all

This is what I came up with; a window valance that will go across the entire wall. What do you think? Like…?? It was super simple to make and only a few $$; of course it is cheaper if you are only creating a valance for one smaller window. I actually have the same concept in my Kitchen… check it out.

DYI window valance in the kitchen

Aren’t they cute? I love that I can change the fabric anytime I change décor without purchasing an entire new valance or curtain. Just a piece of fabric and I’m updated.

This is how to make the #DIY Window Valance.

This is what you need to make the Window Valance #DYI style

You Need:

  • Fabric of your choice and size of window Valance (under a yard, that’s for sure)
  • Quilt Batting or some kind of filling
  • Ball Point pins (I like the ones with a bigger top, to make sure they won’t come through, Walmart sells a box for like $2 and there are 200 in the box)
  • Panel Foam width of window, can be easily cut down or enlarged; I bought a pack of 6 panels at Lowes for under $6; you can purchase the single sheets at Hobby Lobby, but may run you a bit more if you need more then one sheet
  • Velcro strips – industrial I bought them at Walmart, but you can get them at Hobby Lobby or Craft store around you, too.

Optional items:

  • Liquid nail
  • duck tape

Tape with Ductape to make a bigger vallanceAdd liquid nail to one side before adding the batting

Step 1:
If your Foam Panel is smaller then your window, duck tape two pieces together to fit; I also added some liquid nail on the edge and then duck tape to hold it together. My Valance ended up to be 12 foot, I wanted it to be somewhat “sturdy”.

Step 2: once you have the right length for your window, add some liquid nail to the top of the foam, that will hold the batting in place – NOT a must… I just had such a large piece I felt better that way….lol…

Step 3:  Warp the batting around the foam; one piece around the front is just fine and pin it to the back with lots of push pins; they will hold all the batting in place. You can wrap the entire foam, but no need, just the front is fine.

Step 4: Repeat the wrapping with the fabric; again, no need to wrap the entire thing; just the front and wrap around the edge, pull it kind of tight o it’s not flapping around and  secure it with lots of push pins. Voila ….. Your Valance is done!! No need to be super neat or exact to the pattern and straight lines, it will give it more dimension if one side is a bit fluffier then the other; mine sure isn’t 100% straight Smile 

Make your own #DYI window Valance Simple and quick in any color fabric

How to hang the Valance to the window, wall or
anything else.

I wanted mine to be sturdy, so I had my husband attach 2 2×4’s to the wall. I wanted to hang my curtains behind there as well as add lighting and I will never remove the 2×4’s just will change the fabric of the Valance throughout the years. So for me this worked, may not work for everyone. But this is how we put it up.

I added 2x4 to the wall but not a must you can use the velcro on the wall or a bracket
I attached industrial strength Velcro, you can buy that at Walmart in the paint section or Craft section to the wood; I actually used a little liquid nail to bond the wood and the Velcro. I know it had a strong adhesive, but I did not want to take a chance of all falling off a few weeks from now.

I also attached the other Velcro piece to the back of my Valance with a little Liquid nail and lots of push pins……on the very top of course. Voila… Velcro will work wonders and up to the wall my Valance went.

the finished office makeover with valance #DYI projects and all

See how simple that was? Now if you have no choice in adding a 2×4 to a wall or a cabinet like we did in the kitchen (we took two small 2×4’s and attached it to the left and right side of the cabinet wall in-between the window, again used Velcro to attach the valance, see the Kitchen pic above)

You can use L-brackets from the hardware store and in that case you would create two sides and a top to your valance. They are not expensive at all, look in the hardware section, they are usually in a pack of 2 or 4 I think and come in different sizes like 1 inch, 2 inch etc.

All you do is after Step 1 above; cut a smaller strip for each side and for the top of the foam; attach it with a little bit of glue (I used Liquid nail) and push pins and let it dry for a bit; then the remaining steps take place. Attach 2-3 L-brackets to the Window/Wall and just sit your Valance on top .. Voila… Done.

for l brackets add sides and top to just hang on the bracket 2for l brackets add sides and top to just hang on the bracketfinished window with attached side and top to hang the valance from an L-bracket

Now you know how easy and affordable it can be to make your very own Valance; what room do you have in mind for your Valance?

Be sure to come back in the next few days to see the rest of my Office Makeover #DIY style like:

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The finished room Makeover
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  1. says

    Love, love, love this, Melanie! I have a couple of windows I couldn’t decide what to do with and now I know. Thanks for sharing how easy this is.

  2. Daisy says

    This looks gorgeous! I’m impressed that you created this. I want to try this when I have more time. We could use some splashes of color in our house!

  3. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh wow! Those look so cute and even no sew?? Wow! I really need to do a few of my windows, but do not have a sewing machine! Love this idea!

  4. Sandy VanHoey says

    Love it! It turned out beautiful! We have valances across our windows as well but none of us was talented enough to attempt to make them. Great job!

  5. Ari says

    Wow, I love the look! The valance adds color, height and a furnished look to any room! Thanks for sharing your diy-process!

  6. says

    Love this! Definitely need to make one of these for our kitchen, maybe even our living room/dining room. And the fabric you chose is beautiful. I love that it’s no sew, quick, and easy. Thanks so much for linking up to Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week’s issue.:)

  7. Darline says

    thanks a lot. I am remodeling my office and I wanted to put this type of valance but companies charge a lot of money. You help me save a lot of $. God bless!

    • says

      You are SOOO welcome… glad I could help.. Mine has been up for a while now and still looks AMAZING.. even though I’m ready to change colors.. but that will be SOO easy.. you can even leave the old fabric and just put the new fabric over.. SOO easy.. enjoy … thanks for stopping by ..


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