Monday Organize & Clean it: Clean your washer with Affresh Review & Giveaway

Okay, let’s be honest, how often do you wash the inside of your washer?? If you have a front loader like myself, how often do you pull the seal back and clean all that “gunk”? … Yup, I thought so, if you are anything like me, then probly maybe , well let’s say maybe twice a year. There is nothing wrong with that, right.. right ?? Well, I know we are all busy and including myself, but we really should take a few minutes once a month at least and clean our beloved washing machine; after all… she does the hardest job in the house and keep going strong. There is a new product on the market… wait, did someone say new??I’m all for new, let’s get it and check it out.. I love to try new stuff and see if it really works the way the advertisers tell us… you know computers do an amazing job of making things look super cool and easy… I never trust it till I see I myself… So I got a hold of this new product called “Affresh” .

This is what the companies claims:

So what did we think ?

I took some pictures for you to see what I did.. check them out below

First did you see how juky my Washer was… juuuuk.. I can’t believe we are washing our cloth in that. A little tip… read the instructions on the Affresh box, I didn’t read, as usual and I took a cleaning wipe thinking it would get all that junk off the washer… WRONG… you need to use the cycle first and THEN you use the sheet… okay now that I cleared that up, one tablet went into the washer and turned it on HOT water and regular cycle, mine takes about 45 min… so now I wait… and wait… and wait… go get me some coffee and wait.. and wait some more…. DING DING… my 45 min are up.. let’s check out what the washer looks like after it’s first cleaning, now the manufacture recommends if your washer is really dirt, a second tablet with another full wash cycle…Let’s check it out, I could smell the “clean” fresh scent al; the way in the computer room, and I like the smell already, but did it clean the washer……..?

OMG.. check this out… one tablet did all that?? I did use the second wipe, per instructions this time and I love the results.. I can use a second tablet to get the rest out, but I may do that next week. I’m tiered tonight and I’m totally amazed over the results.. LOVE how quick and easy it cleaned up my washer; this is such a great product. I most defiantly will add this to my calendar to run once a month to keep my washer running like new… we love our washer and she is a well respected servant in this house, so now we can give her the treatment that she deserves once a month… Now you still can see some “color” in the second picture, but I scrabed and this is inside the seal, the rubber got stained and this won’t come off, it however got a lot cleaner as you can clearly see!!!!

You should check this product out, you can buy your Affresh through , HH Greg , Home depot, Lowes or any other store that sells cleaning products and the Affresh Tablets only package, 3 to a pack retails for $9.99 and the starter kit with the tablets and wipes retails for $ 14.24

I can honestly say I feel a lot better washing my cloth in the washer than after seeing how gross it looked. I want to give two readers an opportunity to check this product out and give it a test run and see if you like it as much as we did. Affresh offered two readers one package of the Affressh cleaning tablets.

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I was provided with a sample of the product listed above for my honest review, the PR company will provide the prize for my winner . No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100 % my own.



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