Mothers Day with Helzberg Diamonds show your #love {Review & Giveaway}


Mom’s are special, we all know that and the best part, everyone has one!! Being a Mom of 3 is very special to me and I couldn’t imagine being without my three munchkins, ever. I love being a Mom and sharing all I know with my children and see them grow up day by day. It does break my heart how fast they grow, but they sure are amazing.

I Am Loved Mother's Heart Diamond PendantSmart Value® .03ct TW BOGO Mother & Child PendantSentiments Family Multi-Charm Pendant

I also, just like you, have a Mom of my own. I haven’t seen my mom in many many years and we actually have very little contact, with her being in Germany and I’m in the States. I miss my mom dearly and keep thinking of her every day; now that our trip to Germany is getting very close, I can’t wait to see my mom and get some much needed TLC and HUGS. What better way to show my mom how much I love and missed her with a beautiful Diamond Necklace that I will bring her when we meet in June.


This picture was taken the last time I saw my mom and is just very special to me… Long time ago.. way too long (over 5 years now and my grandparents, dad and family I haven’t seen in 12 years :0( ).

However, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and Helzberg Diamonds wants to help you celebrate your Mom in style this year. Whether you want to express gratitude to your mom with thoughtful words or a little sparkle, Helzberg Diamonds is here to help you show her she is loved and appreciated for everything she does — big or little.  

Helzberg Diamonds knows what mom’s want and need and with everyone’s pockets being a little tight this year, they wanted to offer something very special, check out the Sweepstake info below and be sure to enter!

$5,000 Shopping Spree Contest

Enter your Mom in the Show Mom She’s Loved Contest – and encourage your family to nominate you, too. Tell Helzberg Diamonds the special way she makes you and others feel loved  for a chance to win a $5,000 Helzberg Diamonds shopping spree. Your best stories, photos and videos about the special mom in your life are all welcome. Contest entries can be shared by children (18 and older), spouses/significant others, family and friends. The contest begins Tuesday, April 10 and ends Friday, April 27, so hurry and enter for your chance to win this amazing Shopping Spree that any MOM would LOVE to enjoy!

For more information about Helzberg Diamond’s Show Mom She’s Loved Contest or to nominate your Mom, be sure to visit the contest page HERE.

I picked a very special necklace for my Mom and when it arrived the other day, I couldn’t stop looking at it. I know she will love it and everyone will comment her on how delicate and precious the pendant is.

This is the Pendant I choose for her. Isn’t it beautiful? The best part, I didn’t have to mortgage my kids or get a second job to show my Mom how much I love her. Helzberg Diamonds truly has something for everyone in every price category. However, don’t ever feel bad if you can’t afford the $500 diamond Pendant, that yes, Mom would soo deserve, but I know she will appreciate anything you pick for her, it’s the thought that counts and that you are showing her your love and appreciation.

Smart Value® MOM Heart Pendant Sterling Silver 1/20ct TW Round Diamond Mom Heart-Shaped Necklace Smart Value®.

  • Sterling silver double heart MOM pendant with round diamonds weighing approximately                1/20 carat TW
  • Sterling silver 18 inch rope chain

Isn’t it beautiful? I just can’t wait to put it on my mom and see the love in her eyes and how proud she will be wearing it day in day out. Just makes my heart melt already… and the hardest part, I have 7 more weeks to go till I see my mom, you on the other hand only have a little over 3 weeks left to pick your mom the perfect gift for Mother’s day, you better Hurry and maybe check out Helzberg Diamonds and they will deliver right to your door (or your Mom’s


I know all my readers do an amazing job day in and day out raising little Princess’s and Prince’s so you deserve something special as well, how about a Giveaway courtesy of Helzberg Diamonds (a Special THANK YOU to the amazing people at Helzberg Diamond for this amazing opportunity..THANK YOU!!). Be sure to enter below for this amazing Pendant in time for Mother’s day…… Good Luck.


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  1. Jennifer Hedden says

    My mom is special because she is my best friend. We didn’t have much money growing up but my mom always managed to make sure we were taken care of. She has always supported me and been there for me no matter what. She has always loved me unconditionally. I couldn’t ask for a better mom!

  2. Born27 says

    I would really love to give one of those necklaces to my mom. I can’t utter the right words how she deserves this. But she really do. But there’s no way I can. All I can give to her now, is love.

  3. Born27 says

    I really want one of those necklaces for my mom. She deserves it. I just can’t find the right words to prove that she is. I want it for her, but there’s no way. For now, all i can offer her is my love.

  4. Leanna Morris says

    My mother is special because she and my father brought us up in a loving Christian home…where morals were taught by example as well as words, the Golden Rule was applied, discipline was shown with love. She’s always been there for me showing love, care, and concern. She is the most patient person I’ve ever known, too.

  5. Brittany C says

    My Mom is special because she is spiritual and smart. I can depend on her with any problem I need help with, and she always has a smart answer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Seyma Shabbir says

    My mother is very special because she raised us on her own. My dad was in the Army so he would be away for periods of time. We would be stationed in different places, between Germany and the US. She had health problems (still do) but always spend great time with me and my sister.

  7. Colleen Turner says

    My mom is special because…well she’s mine :)! My mom and I have a lot in common – enjoying reading, crafting, movies, etc. – and I know I can always go to her if I need anything.

  8. melissa williams says

    My mom is so special to me because she’s always there for me. I have can always go to her for help. She taught me how to be kind, caring, and compassionate by example.

  9. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    My Mom has given all her life to us 10 kids. Working all the time. She’s 82 now and my Dad died 1 1/2 years ago. She misses him so. I talk to my Mom just about everyday. She is my friend.

  10. Laura Jacobson says

    My mom is special…cause she is my mom. :) She is always there for me…is a great listener…and a great friend as we have grown older. Love her dearly!!!! garage sale buddy! :)

  11. Kelly D says

    My mom is special because she stayed at home with us when we were children and she also helped to get a real head start on reading and writing before we went to kindergarten.

  12. Kelly D says

    My mom is special because she stayed at home with us when we were children and she also helped to get a real head start on reading and writing before we went to kindergarten.

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