The Lotus Review and Giveaway….

Review and Giveaway for  lotus® Home Cleaning System

When I first saw this product I knew I had to test it, I’m a BIG BIG BIG Germ freak, no idea but germs just freak me out. So I researched the company and their products and Tersano was nice enough to let me review this product and host a Giveaway for my readers; Yup one lucky reader will win the same system that I tested. Well let me tell you what it is.

This is a completely environmental safe cleaning system that only uses water ..!!! You heard me right nothing but WATER.. you get a big bowl and a spray bottle and an attachment for the spray bottle, 2 Microfiber cleaning cloths and 1 Booster cartridge with the system ( Sorry I took a picture of the Box in a different language, it does have English on the other

At first I was a bit skeptical and I have by no means a Biology degree to figure out if I spray my counter or cutting board if it is completely sanitized and germ/virus free. That I have to rely on the research on the company’s website, but it makes me feel better, I mean do we know if the Lysol or Clorox wipe that we use clean any better? No but it makes us feel better.. I do know when I used the spray bottle on my black glass top stove I had the best results ever. The glass was clean, no filmy residue and it attracted less dust and dog hair, even the next day my stove was still nice and clean, something I had been battling with ever since we got it, so right then I knew if I can’t proof that it kills germs I know for sure it cuts grease and does an awesome job on my stove top.

I did a little experimenting and since the instruction booklet said you can clean fabric, I used my dining room chairs, and I’m a bit embarrassed, I have to admit a little ashamed to even show what they looked like, but I’m just too cheap to buy a bottle of upholstery cleaner and then it may not even come clean. So I added the cold tap water to my Lotus Spray Bottle, put it on the system, pushed the go button and I think after a min it was ready, my light told me it’s ready and now I have 15 minutes to use my “Oxygenized” water after the 15 minutes are up it will have the regular amount of oxygen and is just blane ol’ tap water again.. that’s kind of weird, but okay.. my bottle was ready, take  a look I took pictures before, during and after cleaning…

and now I think I’m hooked, …. Can you see it.. water, nothing but water cleaned my chairs… Unbelievable.. I cleaned my whole house with this system today top to bottom and I’m loving it, I don’t have to buy any harmful cleaners ever again Thanks to the  lotus® Home Cleaning System.

The system does run on filters that last for 90 water charges, then they have to be replaced; sells them in a 4 pack for $20, so less then $20 a year and no chemicals in the house I think I’m in.

You can even sanitize your toilet and bathroom, kids toys, baby bottles, toothbrushes, anything that needs to be sanitized or can be Sanitized and fits in the bowl will be sanitized… Amazing to me.

We also did the fruit and veggie cleaning, I loved it. The apples went in with a waxy kind of film and came out all nice and clean, and the water after I dumped it smelled fresh and clean, just like from a spring… loved that smell.. soo fresh

Here is a list of items that can be cleaned/sanitized I’m sure you can find lots more:

  • Windows/Mirrors
  • Stain Remover on Carpets and Fabric
  • Kitchen Counters
  • Granite, Marble and Slate Counter Tops(porous)
  • Wood Surfaces
  • Floors
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Shower and Bathtub
  • Appliances
  • Stainless Steel
  • and it even Kills Mold and Mildew like in the bathroom or kitchen Pet Dander/Odor, Stain Remover
  • Room/Closet Deodorizing
  • Smokers area
  • Cars/RV/Boat Interiors
  • Carpet and Upholstery Stain Remover
  • Toothbrushes
  • Baby toys
  • Baby Bottles/Pacifiers
  • Baby’s Highchair
  • Personal Grooming Tools
  • Sanitizes Fruits and Vegetables

You can also go to  lotus® Home Cleaning System and watch a  video from the company to see the lotus® Home Cleaning System in action, I was gonna put my own video together but I’m not a camera person and that didn’t go to well.. so watch the Video  and it will do a lot better then what I could have done.

This in my eyes is well worth the investment, for any home, daycare even schools; the only drawback I see is that you only have 15 minutes to use the “Oxygenized” water before you need to recharge it.  But if you clean one room at a time, it won’t be  a problem ; I did today and I ran out of water way before the 15 minute time was up cleaning the couch and refreshing the pillows and windows.. it really will go a long way… This can be purchased online directly thru Tersano or

Okay enough talk let’s get to the good stuff..Tersano has graciously offered this giveaway for one of my readers to win this awesome lotus® Home Cleaning System a $179.00 value (Thank you Tersano for being so gracious and offering this as a review and giveaway)

How to enter to win this Awesome lotus® Home Cleaning System LSR100 –


Visit Tersano and let me know what you learned about the product and what you like best

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This giveaway will end October 20, 2010 at 9PM EST, I will choose the winner via and will notify vie e-mail and post on the  webpage, the winner has 48 hrs to get me their information or I will choose another winner. Open to US and Canada

Tersano  provided me with the lotus® Home Cleaning System for my review and the prize pack for my readers.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100 % my own.


  1. Marisa May says

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve heard of this system but it sounds great. I’ve become more and more aware of what chemicals we bring into our home and this sounds like a wonderful alternative without being too expensive.


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