We have a #StoriesOfStrength to share with Tylenol do you?

This year Extra Strength TYLENOL® is partnering with actress Andie McDowell and her daughter, actress and singer Rainey Qualley, to launch STORIES OF STRENGTH, a program that encourages people to share stories honoring someone who has been a source of strength in their lives. Andie had the opportunity to learn how her strength inspires her daughter, Rainey, to be strong for her up and coming career in music and is excited to share her personal story, as well.

Not only are they partnering with Andie McDowell, they also teamed up with this Crazy Mom to hear my #StoriesOfStrength. Tylenol has always been a steady friend between all my headaches and Lupus issues, but my biggest strength through the years has always been my Best Friend Ursula.

My Best friend keeps me strong #StoriesofStrength

Ursula and I meet in Germany, in Elementary School. We been best friends through thick and thin, all the different boyfriends and teenage issues and many other things, she has been there for me whether she was in Germany and I was in Florida or once she moved to Alabama and and was only a few hours away.

We chat often on the computer through Text messages but also have months that we don’t talk at all, but each of us knows that the other is there whenever needed. That is my rock, the best feeling in the world knowing that someone outside of my family is there to support me no matter what.

When I got married in Florida 8 years ago, my best friend traveled all the way from Alabama to be my Bridesmaid and be there for me on the most stressful day of my life. She never asked why and never said I may think about it, she showed up and ready to be my Bridesmaid and hang out with me the days leading up to the wedding as well as after. It was the best feeling knowing she cares and will travel every distance to be by my side. I would do the same for her if any way possible, no questions asked.

She was also the first person besides my husband who saw my first born shortly after he was born, he was a 2AM baby… and we still talk about it to this day, he is now almost 19 and it feels like just yesterday. Friend like this are hard to come by, I treasure her and will forever, she is my Rock and my Best Friend, totally gives me Strength when needed and I hope she feels the same about me and knows I would do the same for her. Just Love her!!!!!

I bet you have someone that is your Rock and you have #StoriesofStrenght to tell. We would love to hear it.

There are moments in life that require extra strength — and when pain sets in, those are the times that Extra Strength TYLENOL® aims to be there. For 20 years, Extra Strength TYLENOL® has been the #1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever. Extra Strength TYLENOL® is clinically proven to provide strong, fast pain relief.


It’s easy to get involved and share your story. Visit the TYLENOL® Facebook page at www.TylenolStoriesofStrength.com and share your story via video or a photo and a few short sentences. Each story shared will support DoSomething.org, an organization that activates young people to be strong leaders for social change. Participants will also have a chance to win a weekly prize from TYLENOL® to take the strength passed on to them to do something that is important to them.

You can also visit the STORIES OF STRENGTH page to receive tips for how to stay strong from Robin Miller, MD

I have received information and materials from McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post


  1. Daisy says

    Awe, that is such a sweet story about how she is always there for you. That’s awesome that she could drive and support you for your wedding too!

  2. Pam says

    This is such a sweet story! I am glad you have a friend like Ursula! My friend Shana is like that for me.

  3. Ben says

    With everything that life throws at us, it’s nice to know we’ve got backup. I love this story of friendship and love.

  4. Angela S says

    It’s so wonderful that you have a friend you can always count on for strength. I enjoyed your story so much. It made me think of my bestie.

  5. says

    My best friend and I have been friends for 25 years now. It is so nice to have a friend who has been there for you through everything. We live a few hours apart, and don’t see each other very often now, but when we get together, it’s like we’ve never been apart.
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  6. Janet W. says

    What a great story and an amazing friendship! You are so lucky to have found a wonderful friend like her!

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