You’ve got mail with @Hallmark ‘s Card Shower Event {$25 GC Giveaway}


Who doesn’t love to receive a card or two in the mail, now think receiving 10-20 or even more cards in the mail all at the same time, all from people who care about you and all for YOU! That’s the new program that Hallmark just released.

I love cards and getting a card in the mail is just something special. E-mail is a great thing, but nothing can take away that paper card in the mail, the anticipation what the card looks like and where it is from and why you are getting a card… I just love this feeling.

To my surprise I actually came home after a long stressful day at the office and found this on my table…


I had to look three times, I’ve never seen that many cards at one time in the mail, in the middle of April to boot. I then looked and the cards came from the same address.. now I was curious and a little bit surprised; are they really all for me? Did someone play a joke? What in the world….. Quickly I opened the cards one by one. One card more beautiful then the other and each card had some Pick me up words.

I found out that Hallmark and their PR people got together to surprise me with their new Card Shower and let me tell you after a stressful day at the office, this couldn’t have come at a better time; each card told me how wonderful I’m, how much they enjoy being part  of our blog and many more wonderful, heartwarming words that made me feel special and totally relaxed. I LOVED it!!

Thank you HALLMARK and all their wonderful PR’s …. you made my day!!!


Now, wouldn’t you want to make someone feel special, how about a dear friend, a Mom to be,  a Soldier, a teacher or even a neighbor? It’s simple, hallmark has done most of the leg work for you and will guide your through their Card Shower, you can create your very own card shower in a few minutes for any occasion and any person and as many showers as you like; invite friends and just get together and make someone’s day. it doesn’t have to take much, but will mean so much to someone else.

How does Hallmark Card Shower work? Simple as 1-2-3

You let Hallmark know what kind of Card Shower and for Whom, invite your friends and hallmark will help you organize it; each friend will send one card to your recipient, cards can be purchased at any Hallmark card store of your choice or even online; cards get mailed and your Recipient will be showered with cards all on the same day or within a few days of each other.. Simple and soo much fun and best of all, it’s FREE to start the shower.. each participant will of course pick up their cards and pay for postage, but very little effort and send someone you care!!

For more information or to set up your very own Card Shower, be sure to head over and visit or follow  on Facebook and Twitter.

P.s. Mother’s Day is just around the corner… what a great idea to Shower Mom with some love….. !!


Since April Shower bring May Flowers….. Hallmark would like for one of our readers to get a head start and create their very own Card Shower and is offering a $25 CG for Hallmark Gold Crown Store to get your shower started. Be sure to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win.

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  1. Rochelle says

    I guess everyone loves someone. I haven’t checked the statistics but I would be willing to bet that Valentines Day is also the biggest day of the year in chocolate sales as well.

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