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create the #UltimateCup

I’m a “coffee-holic” and love my Coffee-Mate to flavor me some good coffee; with many different flavors to choose from that makes it easy to create a coffee house style drink in no time for a lot less. I always have a few bottles of the “Liquid Gold” at home, I like to switch things up so I won’t get bored, plus I can never decide which one I want; so I grab them all.

When I looked in the fridge the other day trying to decide what breakfast I would serve up on Sunday, I started to think. Could I use one of my favorite coffee creamers in a breakfast dish? It shouldn’t be a problem, should it? I gave it a whirl.

I made a delicious “Melted Snowmen” and the kids loved it. My kids always want a HOT cocoa drink at those fancy coffee shops and they kind of get expensive. I came up with my own for a lot less and the melted snowmen drink would be perfect for any Christmas Eve party.

make the Snowman Snowdrink #UltimateCup

This is what you need to make a Melted Snowmen drink:

4 cups Whole Milk
2 cups of French Vanilla Coffee-Mate Creamer
1 bag (2 cups) white chocolate chips
Jumbo Marshmallows
Peppermint candies

Snowman #UltimateCup

This is how to make the Melted Snowmen drink:

Add all the liquid ingredients to your crockpot on Low to simmer for 2-3 hrs. Stir occasionally to melt the chocolate chips. This would be perfect to keep a HOT drink on hand during a party. Before your serve the drink add marshmallows and peppermint candies… ENJOY

create the #UltimateCup with melted snowman drinks
But the Coffee-mate creamer isn’t just for drinks, nope. I decided to make our French Toast Casserole and instead of milk I added 2 cups of Coffee-Mate hazelnut flavored creamer. It was super easy and delicious. Check out the recipe below.

French Toast Casserole with Hazelnut cream and Walnuts


Hazelnut French toast #UltimateCup for breakfast

  • 6 Eggs
  • 2 cups Coffee-mate  *I used Hazelnut Flavor*
  • 1 loaf of your favorite bread *I used Oatmeal*
  • Butter
  • Brown sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Walnuts
    p.s did you see our Elf Becky sneak into the picture…*giggle*

Hazelnut French toast #UltimateCup for breakfast 2

This is how to make the French Toast:

  1. Cut your bread into cubes, with or without the crust, whatever your preference, I took mine off.
  2. mix your Coffee-mate and the eggs in a bowl
  3. butter the bottom of your pan, add brown sugar to the bottom( if you desire, not a must sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t) and add all your bread cubes; pack them into the bowl *I used an 8×8 dish*
  4. add walnuts, cinnamon and a little brown sugar on top;
  5. Pour your Coffee-mate and egg mix over the bread and make sure you fill all the nooks and grannies.
  6. add some butter flakes to the top and cover in aluminum foil
  7. place in the fridge for at least 2 hours, but over night works well, too.
  8. Pre-head the oven to 350F and when ready bake the French Toast for 45 to 50 minutes until to if golden.

You can also bake it the night before and re-heat it in the microwave; serve with Cool Whip Frosting, whip cream and/or fresh fruit.

The hazelnut flavor from the Coffee-mate was amazing in this French Toast, just a perfect and balanced combination. It was delicious and my family gobbled it up in no time. I loved that it was simple and I didn’t had to stand on the stove and fry the French Toast; this will be perfect for Christmas Morning. Best part… you get to spend time with the family while breakfast is baking, no fried smell in the house and amazing cinnamon and hazelnut throughout the whole house….AHHH.. that says

…….Happy Holidays …….

French Toast Hazelnut and Walnut #UltimateCup breakfast

So many ways you can use the Coffee-mate creamer; of course it still is amazing in your regular cup of Joe. It’s easy to create your favorite drinks at home and save a ton of money; there is even a coupon available for the Coffee-mate making it an even better deal. What are you waiting for? Head to your local Walmart and grab a few of the delicious flavors like the Holiday Flavor “Peppermint Mocha” or the French Vanilla, Hazelnut or even Pumpkin Spice. Some flavors are seasonal only, so you better grab them while you can.

For more information about Coffee-mate, be sure to head over to their website, many more recipe ideas to find as well; or follow on Facebook and Twitter to get news alerts, deals and many more other cool things that they have going on. I’ve also created a Google Plus Story to show you how my Walmart trip went, new products and other fun finds included; come check it out.

creating the #UltimateCup

“I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and Nestle Coffee Mate #CBias #SocialFabric #ad” All onions, ideas and pictures are 100% my own; no actual snowmen’s were harmed!


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      I hear ya “mochadad”.. my kids always want to drink what I drink and the melted Snowman drink really worked out well… :0) ….glad you were able to come over and check it out.


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