Dole Fruit Crisp Review & Giveaway

Have you seen the Dole Fruit Crisp in store yet? I’ve seen them for a few month now and been dying to give them a try. My kids love Fruit Cups and we are always on the lookout for a deal.

Now Dole introduced the “grownup” Fruit cup, in a Crisp version. I love Apple Crips, but I only make it on special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m just too busy during the year. Now I can pull out a cup of Fruit Crisp anytime I want to.


The taste is between a Apple Fruit cup and a Granola bar, crunchy, sweet and yummy. There are different ways you can eat the Fruit Crisp, eat it right out of the pantry, no refrigeration required, which makes them a perfect lunchbox item; chill them before you eat the Fruit Crisp or put them in the microwave for a few seconds to heat the fruit Crisp up.


All are very delicious. I wasn’t sharing the Dole Fruit Crisp with the family at first, they are soo yummy, but slowly they all found my hiding place and started to sneak them off to their room while I wasn’t watching… so finally I gave in and let them share in the goodness…


My Tween loved them at room temperature and so did the Toddler, the Teen loved them warm in the microwave and hubby rather had them chilled. It was a win win for the entire family.

We really enjoyed all three flavors, my favorite was the Apple and Pear, Hubby loved the Apple Cinnamon ( which I didn’t care for at all) and the Toddler loved the peach, actually she chowed them all down like there is no tomorrow, so not sure if she even had a favorite), the boys had a tie between the Peach and the Pear… but they loved them all as well.

Some info about the Fruit Crips, just in case you didn’t know:

  • Dole Fruit Crisps are available in three mouth-watering flavors, including Apple Cinnamon, Apple Pear and Peach.
  • This portion-controlled and guilt-free snack boasts 40% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C..
  • Dole Fruit Crisps are topped with a sweet, crunchy topping of whole grain oats and are delicious at any temperature-warmed (my favorite), room temperature or chilled.
  • Heating it up is quick and effortless! Pop the cap, peel off the lid and microwave the cup for 20 seconds to get it perfectly warm. Then sprinkle on the whole grain oat topping to add some crunch for a quick snack or light, savory dessert in just seconds. What else takes such little time yet is so rewarding?
  • Lastly, you can indulge while worry free- these crisps have NO trans fat and NO high fructose corn syrup.

For more information be sure to check out the Dole Website.

Dole agreed to have a Giveaway and wants One reader to receive FIVE coupons good towards one Free package of Dole Fruit Crisp, so you can try them for yourself….!!!


I was provided with the product for our honest review and to host the giveaway for my winner; all opinions are 100% my own and no other compensation was nor will be received. The coupons for the winner will be mailed directly from the PR/ Company and I can not be liable for any lost or missing winnings.


  1. Leslie S. says

    I love to chunk different fruits and freeze them.They are a great summer snack fro my 4 kids.Thanks!

  2. Renee Hiller says

    I like fresh fruit!!! However, made homemade strawberry for the first time and I LOVE that too!!!

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