Enjoy Teatime in Style and check out some Summertime Iced Tea ideas #organized

Enjoy Teatime in Style and check out some Summertime Iced Tea ideas #organized

I love my tea and I have tea boxes all over the house. My husband mentioned the other day that I should clean out the cabinet and clean up my tea mess. What can I say … I Love tea! I do have to admit that my love for tea was out of control, I must have had 8-10 opened boxes and some that I haven’t even opened yet. but you have to have different flavors for different time of the day.

I also had a lot of tea still from our last Germany trip and I almost had forgotten about. So the other day, especially since our Germany trip this year is coming up and I know I will bring back more team, I looked around and found this super cool organizer from YouCopia.

The Tea Stand will hold over 100 tea bags nicely tucked inside a clear bin that can be removed to be cleaned out and snaps in and out of place easily. I figured it would be worth checking out, especially since it was suppose to be small enough to fit insight the cabinet and take very little room. We all know how bulky tea boxes can be.

Enjoy Teatime in Style and check out some Summertime Iced Tea ideas #organized

The stand ended up to be perfect; I was able to put 10 bags into each compartment giving me enough room for 120 bags! WOW! is all I can say; loved the slim look yet it holds a ton of my tea. The entire unit is plastic, very light weight and literally will fit any place, even stylish enough to leave out on the counter for your tea bar!

Enjoy Teatime in Style and check out some Summertime Iced Tea ideas #organized

How do you like your Tea? I love it with a little lemon and honey if possible, but during the summer I love to brew up a cup and mix it with Lemonade or raspberry juice to give it a little extra zing. I love it hot or cold, no matter what my taste the YouCopia tea stand has me and my guest covered. Have I told you I’m in love?

For more information about the super cool Tea Stand, be sure to visit YouCopia on the web and you can purchase one or two (trust me you will need two.. I know I do) through Amazon.com

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How do you like your Tea? Are you a black kind of tea person, more fruity or what about herbal? Would love to chat tea with you, let’s leave some comments and tell me all about your Tea preference .

I received the product for my honest review, all opinions and ideas are 100% my own and no other compensation was nor will be received.


  1. says

    Thanks for the great tea recipes. I love tea and try to experiment with new flavors. I love your strawberry tea recipe. I was just looking at it. Great ideas. I love how you organized your tea bags too!!

  2. Daisy says

    We love to try different teas. My son had a tea party at preschool and has been into trying different teas ever since. It’s really cute.

  3. Janet W. says

    What a neat stand! My cabinets and drawers can get so messy from these packets. What a great way to keep them all organized and easy to find!

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