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The couch is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soo excited. Remember I told you about a company a few weeks ago ( you can check the review HERE)that I  called Home reserve and I had ordered my couch. Well, the couch came in over the weekend. I decided to blog about it so you can see what the process for the couch was like. I love to introduce my readers to companies that are awesome and have wonderful products and this is a wonderful product.

My couch arrived via Fedex, on a Saturday and yup all 7 boxes !!!:

We had a little bit of training already, with Home Reserve, I bought a chair almost 5 years ago and it took us, I’m not kidding about 6 hours to put it together. We had no clue; then we also bought 2 sofas for our front living room,  a few years back, they went up a little faster… now we have a sectional, wonder how long it will take us… Well, check out here are some pictures of the couch out of the box.. All the boxes are numbered and have a sticker what section is in what box, each box also comes with instructions and a installation kit that consists of a sanding block in case you need to sand some rough openings and gloves so you won’t get any splinters ( BTW I must have 20 by now.. anyone need some??).

Lot’s of pictures below….

We had 7 boxes and 7 different sections to build for the couch, it took us about 5 hours to get the couch put together the way it is sitting there now. So really not bad at all. We had some friends come over during the middle of the constructions, they wanted to see what it looked like and maybe get their own couch. At first they weren’t too sure about the construction, because it did look weird; after all how many of you ever looked on the inside of your couch..lol.. but once we had the cushions on they actually loved the couch as much as we do. The couch is so comfy and soft; as you can tell my toddler fell asleep shortly after we finished the couch and she slept all night, I actually slept on it the first night, too and loved it… and when I got up this morning all the pieces are in its place, no moved cushions or fabric, you couldn’t even tell that I spend the night on the couch.

So if you haven’t checked out Home Reserve and are in the market for a new couch. All the cushions have zippers so they can easily be removed and tossed in the wash and they will look like new every time. The storage compartments under each seat and the washable fabric is what really made me fall in love with this company. What other sofa can you take the cushions off and wash them over and over again? My Chair above, we had for almost 5 years and we washed the cushions at least every other week, I’m a clean freak, I know.. and the cushions looked like new when we just replaced it with the new green one. The chair has held up the dogs, the kids and anything else in the last five years and I’m sure it has many more years left; the best part if you decide 10 years from now to replace your couch, all you need to do is order replacement color cushions and you are back in business, and a lot cheaper than replacing a new couch….

They also let you create your sofa space online for your room, the couch I ordered can be extended if I like and add more middle sections or add an end section or remove sections in case we move and the new house would be smaller.. fully customizable even after you get it home.. another plus point, since everything comes in sections, it can be moved easily…!!! We love our new couch..

Home Reserve has many different styles and color to choose from, I bet there is something there for everyone; HERE is their website.

UPDATE: July 7, 2011 _ I’ve posted pictures on Facebook to show what the couch looks like now 3 month later ( still like new.. but check it out) as well as the “older” couch and chair that we bough years ago … Here is the link .. If you have questions, just ask.. We love to help…:-)


I was not compensated for this post, all opinions are 100% my onw.


  1. says

    wow… that couch is gorgeous and looks so comfy. I love the color and how it coordinates with the boxes in your storage unit. very nice.

    I’ve never heard of this company but I love the idea of the storage space in the couch as well as the being able to change colors… very cool. congrats!
    Jackie recently posted..Menu Plan MondayMy Profile

    • says

      If you get one you need to share with me how you like them… I hope you love yours as much as I love ALL of mine.. I think I’m addicted to them… lol.. too bad I have no more space for another chair or couch..lol

  2. Judy B. says

    I really loved this post !I never imagined there was a place like this. I love “The Lounger”. I’m not sure I could build it myself, but they have a good selection and they look great! The prices are good, and washable cushions! Yay.

    • says

      Judy… it is really simple to put them together, really… I bet you can do it… and the price can’t be beat.. we love our couch and it’s soooo soooo comfy :-)

  3. FI says

    Nice!! I have thought about ordering from Home Reserve over the past 2 years and now that I have read your very current review–I am excited!

    How long did it take for your sectional to arrive?

    Have a great week!

    • says

      It really is nice.. even now 8 weeks later we still love the sectional; and all the other sofa’s and chairs we bough… it took I think about 10 days from the day I ordered till it arrived… really not bad at all; the nice thing mine arrived on a Saturday… I had all weekend to get it done :-) if you have any questions, let me know… this is one products that we truly all enjoy and love 100% …..

  4. Kate says

    Found your post while searching for reviews on Home Reserve. The couch looks great! Just curious – what fabric did you choose? I love the color!

    • says

      I choose the Cricket Leaf green color, however they are darker then what the picture shows, so if you really like a color but think it would be too bright.. think again, they do run “darker”, they also sell “swatches” of the colors just in case you want to see it. When I ordered mine it was suppose to be a light lime greenn kind of thing and it came like a dark green, I love it now but at first was a bit disappointed cause I wanted a BRIGHT lime green.. but loved it as soon as it was together…

  5. says

    Thank You for this…. I discovered Home Reserve a few years ago while doing a search on furniture but was hesitant to buy anything I was unsure of the quality. You have definitely swayed me toward purchasing from this company! Thanks Again

    • says

      You are so welcome….Glad I could help :-) I was hesitant in the beginning just like you and that’s why we only bought the chair at that time, thinking if it wouldn’t hold up we wouldn’t be out too much.. I love them.. and glad I can. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :-)

  6. Orans2nd says

    I have been going back to the Home Reserve website for over two years! Trying to decide if buying a couch from them would be a wise choice. I love the idea of storage! and that I can wash/or replace the cover! Your blog was sooo helpful! I am now ready to order!

    • says

      So glad we could help you decide.. it really was a little scary the first time I ordered, not knowing what to expect…however we ordered 3 times since and LOVE them all… well worth it and they stand behind their products with a full warranty for 5 years!!! LOVE my couch…if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask and I will get them answered quickly…. :0)

  7. maggie says

    Hi, there , I like your review, I just found out this website this morning, and going to purchase a couch, but when I read other reviews, they said it is dangouse for a kid because those couch are just made by wood, how do you think if I have two boys around ( 2 and 4). thanks a lot.

    • says

      We actually have 3 kids; a 4 yo a 12yo and a 16 yo and we had our original set for a good 5+ years now and never had an issue; I don’t see how it will cause harm to kids. My couch that I used to have years ago was cardboard and plywood; could have hurt the kids just as well I guess. I love that the company stands behind their products and in the very rare event that something breaks you have a 5 year warranty and they will no questions asked send out a mew part. The couch and sofas are cushioned and actually my 4 yo has been sleeping on the couch for about 6 month now with me; I love how firm the couch is and really have no issues with the kids at all….


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