My Reading Tutor Nintendo DS game Review

I’m sure if you have a Pre-schooler or a Tween, you probly  also have a Nintendo DS in the house. Our house isn’t any different, even my Toddler is attached to the DS. Finally the video game market is catching on, that most kids are getting younger and start playing those video games even earlier. I’m excited to see that more and more educational games are hitting the market. Which is a wonderful teaching tool for your little ones; they will stay busy and learn something, like on a car ride or or just while you are waiting at the Dr. office. These games are a wonderful. I came across this game called My Reading Tutor. This game is geared towards pre-school age 5 and up; however my 3 year old had a ball. She did need help with the game, but that was understandable, she still enjoyed the stories and trying to get the answers right. MyTween played this game for a few hours today and quickly realized that, for his age level, this game is a little bit too easy, but he was a sport about it and helped his little sister. In his own words, “this game is cool for someone who is just now  learning to  read, letter recognition and start spelling”. This game has 14 Illustrated story books that children can read at their own pace, my toddler had a ball recording her own voice when “reading” the story. The best part for her was to record and then hear her own recording back. I think this would be fun for mom or dad to read the story and have your little on hear it back in Mom or Dad’s voice… especially for the early beginners. Of course you could always record your own story, like my toddler did.

All in all, this is a great teaching game, we had a wonderful time and can’t wait for my toddler to get to an age where she can actually explore this game to its fullest potential and get all the learning out of the games that this game was invented for. It’s a great game and I would definitely recommend this to any mom or dad ( or grandparent..) if they are looking for a little “help” in teaching their pre-schooler how to read. As always, this is a teaching tool and should be used as that, this is not a miracle tool that makes your toddler read on it’s own in a day, or a week. This is a game and should be used in moderation and not as a babysitter. Parents should be involved with their child and helpt them with any questions they may have.

Some information about My Reading Tutor

Product Features

  • My Reading Tutor features 14 Completely Illustrated Story Books presented in an engaging interactive format. Children read at their own pace.
  • Young reader can call upon the Tutor for help whenever they choose.
  • Readers can record their own stories.
  • Players progress through an eight station reading adventure that continually adds more advanced concepts as well as reinforcing what they’ve already learned.
  • Parents can also easily see how things are progressing by simply checking into the Parent Mode to get an idea of their readers “time on task” and the goal of mastering each stations activities

Proven Effectiveness

  • Six years and $6 million of research and development were invested at the University of Colorado to create the proprietary Foundations to Literacy software that My Reading Tutor is based on.
  • The proprietary software used in My Reading Tutor has been tested and proven effective with over 2500 students.
  • In early studies students on average showed a 50% GAIN in reading scores vs. students who did not use the software.

This game can be purchased through or any of your favorite retail stores and it’s suggested retail price is $19.99; You can also get more information at


  1. bunnyb says

    This would be perfect for my nephew!! I think we would all enjoy him recording his own voice while “reading” the story!

  2. jenn says

    thanks for the review on this game, i am looking for something for the 4yr old i nanny. He is so interested in learning to read

  3. Maryann D. says

    My 5 year old nephew loves his Nintendo DS. He enjoys playing all sorts of games, but I think it would be great to get him an educational one like this. It looks like a fun learning game.

  4. Sandy VanHoey says

    I have a granddaughter that would really benefit from having something like this. Mayjust be a great Christmas idea


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