Takeya Tea and Lemonade Maker Review and Giveaway


Summer has arrived in central Florida, that means we will be spending a lot of time outside on the deck, the park, the beach or pool. I’m always in need for some cups and pitchers to take along to save on cost for drinks. It’s not that easy to find products that are both leak proof and easy to handle. I found a company called “Takeya”, their designs will enrich your life. I spend a good hour or two on their website after I found them through a Google Search a few weeks back and I was very impressed with their products and the workmanship.


I decided to check out the products to see if they are holding up to my high standard. We received two products in the mail the other day the Flash Chill Lemonade Maker and the Flash Chill Ice tea Maker. My kids are big on Lemonade and orange juice and being in Florida, we have plenty in everyone’s backyard that would go to waste if we don’t use them, so we made Grapefruit Lemonade the other day; check out some of our pictures.
IMG_0206IMG_0209IMG_0221IMG_0213IMG_0219IMG_0224 This was super easy, I added the ice to the Lemonade Maker, squeezed the grapefruit and added some sugar and water, gave it to the kids to shake it up… voila we had awesome fresh tasting grapefruit juice in seconds. I was a bit skeptical about the “leak proof” and not spilling claim. So many companies state “Won’t spill”. So I took the test, the toddler shook it around and the tween did, too. You can actually see on the pictures that they held it up side down; and NO spill!! This is too cool. Next up is the Flash Chill Ice team Maker; I love tea and hubby loves his southern Ice Tea so this was an exciting product for us to check out.
IMG_0203IMG_0204IMG_0226IMG_0227IMG_0230IMG_0233 This just like the Flash Chill Lemonade Maker was super easy and yummy. You prepare hot water add your tea to the tea filter and fill the hot water into your small pitcher and close the lid; the tea filter screws on the inside of the lid and you can close it tightly; CAUTION….. the lid is airtight and leak-proof BUT not with the HOT water, so do not shake the HOT water around in the pitcher; I did and it almost exploded everywhere, cause it was soooo HOT!!!! so do not shake it around. Other then that let the tea sit for a few minutes just like you would your regular tea; in the mean time add ice to the larger pitcher. Once the tea is done, add sugar to the ice and add the hot tea to the large pitcher with ice; close lid tightly and shake. Voila Ice tea freshly done at home. This was so simple and so yummy; we can use any tea any flavor. In the filter for the tea you can add loos tea, tea bags or a mixture, whatever makes your day. Here are some features about the Takeya Canisters, whether it be the Lemonade Maker, the Ice Tea maker or any other Canisters they sell.

  • Airtight twist top lid
  • AcraGlass™ is BPA free & food safe
  • Stain, cloud & odor proof
  • Brews loose leaf, teabags or flowering teas ( Tea Makers)
  • Makes fresh squeezed lemonade (Juice Makers)
  • Airtight twist top lid locks in freshness
  • Stores in fridge door or on its side
  • Spill & leak-proof
  • Soft grip handle


Now we are very impressed with the Takeya products; I love the durability, they never steam when cold and hot products are mixed, the airtight lid and how easy they can be stored in the fridge. This Canisters are so cool and can be a money saver if you are spending a lot of time outside since they don’t leak it’s simple and easy to take them along to any outside function; you could use them even to make Ice Coffee or any of your other favorite drinks. I’m super happy with Takeya and the two products we were allowed to check out, they have a ton more products that you should consider, so make sure to check out the entire Takeya collection online. For more information about Takeya make sure to check them out on the web. Some products can also be purchased through Amazon.com; the Lemonade Maker retails for $29.99 and the Flash Chill Ice Tea Maker retails for $39.99. Who is Takeya?

Takeya USA is committed to bringing Takeya’s manufacturing expertise to the North American market by enriching people’s lives using modern design, a rich palette of colors, food-safe materials, unique functionality and high quality craftsmanship. We provide real solutions that save the consumer money, are eco-friendly and promote a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the entire product line, you will find Japanese-inspired designs and innovative features, such as the twist top airtight pouring lids and our crystal clear BPA Free Acraglass™.

What a wonderful company and awesome products for the home. I’m excited to announce that Takeya graciously offered one 2Boys+1Girl=OneCrazyMom reader their choice of either the Flash Chill Lemonade Maker or the Flash Chill Ice tea Maker, to see for themself how wonderful their products are. Check out our giveaway below and make sure to enter.

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One Lucky 2Boys+1Girl=OneCrazyMom Reader will win their choice of the Flash Chill Lemonade Maker or the Flash Chill Ice tea Maker




I was provided with the product listed above for my honest review and the prize for my winner will be send directly from the PR/ Company, I cannot be liable for lost or not send products.. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100 % my own.


  1. brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…we like Takeya’s Orange Juice Maker (24oz) !

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