You can bring your old furniture back to life with a facelift #DIY paint

You can bring your old furniture back to life with a facelift #DIY paint

Looking at my beautiful dresser that now sits in my office and fits perfect into the space, I would have never thought it would be that simple to turn something old, trashy and just plain ugly into this beautiful piece that is now my favorite in the house.

I’m sure we all have furniture that we do not like or maybe are ready to put to the road, think again; pick  a paint color and let’s give them a facelift; that’s exactly what I did. I found this piece at a local thrift store; it was this ugly pinkish color; well it wasn’t ugly, but pink isn’t my thing on furniture, if you like that style, you probably would have loved it. I did love the style of the dresser and the size, so I quickly decided “I don’t care what it looks like, I will make it look beautiful for me”.

This is what it looked like when I saw it at the shop. Not bad, like I said, not my style.

You can bring your old furniture back to life with a facelift #DIY paint

After I picked up the piece, which was very heavy btw, build solid and very well build to say the least, it was a bargain for me and will bring many years of happiness, that’s for sure. Once I got home I came across the person that sold the piece’s Facebook page and I saw a picture of what the dresser looked like before she painted it.. OMG.. I surely would have walked by the dresser, tossed it to the road or never even gave it a second look. Check out what the original dresser, before it was painted pink looked like… WOW… what a difference a coat of paint will make.

dresser makeover in no time #DIY paint

BOY, oh Boy… what do you think.. would you have picked it up? Would you have even thought it would turn into a treasure? Well.. NOW.. I know better; I will not let anything go without thinking of HOW it will look like with some paint.

The simple way to paint any wood furniture or laminate furniture is, even without sanding down anything; use ZINSER COVER STAIN Primer.. that stuff works wonders. I have used it many times over in my Bedroom makeover or any other painting I do on furniture.. and LOVE it.

You can bring your old furniture back to life with a facelift #DIY paint

So if you are thinking of painting furniture, be sure to check out ZINSSER Cover Stain primer; it will get you to a beautiful piece of furniture down the road. So simple to use and you can get it at Lowes or Home Depot. This time on my dresser I did not need to use it; the paint that was put on before was okay to be painted again, so I was able to skip this step.

I picked up a quart of Antique White paint at Lowes and a small can of brown stain so I could distress it. That’s it. Simple as that. I spend an afternoon putting a few coat of paint on the dresser to get away from all that pink and once it all dried, I took  sandpaper to distress areas that I wanted to look old.

You can bring your old furniture back to life with a facelift #DIY paint

After I sanded the paint in the areas that I wanted to distress, I took an old rag and put some brown stain on the rag and rubbed it across the dresser; wiping it down after a minute or so, as I went along the dresser; the areas that I had sanded got a deeper brown stain as the white dresser, but it all blended well and looks “old” and yet new again. I also took the handles and spray painted them a glossy black; took no time at all and after they dried, I had them back on the dresser…  You can finish it off with a glaze or polyurethane but since I rubbed the Wood stain over the entire dresser to make it look old (and wiped it off) it is giving it the protection that I need.

This was SOOO simple and anyone can do it. Really! it is a bit time consuming; took me about 4 hours including dry time ( we are in Florida) …That’s the story of this ugly duckling turning into a  beautiful white swan.. that I adore.. what do you think??

You can bring your old furniture back to life with a facelift #DIY paint

Happy #DIY’ing… would love to hear what you turned from Trash to Treasure

You can bring your old furniture back to life with a facelift #DIY paint


  1. says

    I think I’m developing a small dresser obsession! I am looking for 2 for various projects, and I have 3 little ones in my garage waiting for me! I agree – a coat of paint and a little TLC can make such a huge difference! The sense of satisfaction after a good DIY is such a great high!

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    I LOVE what you did to this dresser! I would love to find something similar, although I have never painted furniture and it probably would never look as good as yours. 😉

  3. Andrea F says

    Looks awesome Melanie! You did a super job. I will have to pick up a can of that primer….much easier than sandinggggg! LOL!

  4. rebecca boster says

    I love diy,, it saves so much money. but usually it is hard to make it look professional. your diy makeover looks gorgeous!!!

  5. janetfaye says

    What a difference! You made it look beautiful.
    I have never even thought of painting furniture but I will think of trying it.

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